Saturday, August 2, 2008

Delicious MoneyControl

Last week both these sites were upgraded for better.

The Delicious upgrade was pending for a long time after they launched a private beta of the new interface. Now it looks more slick and provides fast search results. In old delicious, the tag showing how many times a link has been bookmared was an eyesore and a normal search on the tags took a while. Like many others, many times I go to delicious instead of google, after all social bookmarking ensures that I find relevant stuff.

MoneyControl is a financial portal in India (arguably claimed to be numero uno there). Despite the amount of information available, the ad laden interface forced many users to look for alternate options (such as Rediff finance or Yahoo finance). Even I was looking forward to much awaited launch of Google Finance in India, but with the new interface of the portfolio, I won't yearn for it for some more time


Hariharan Ragunathan said...

Hey Vivek, the Delicious Fire fox Plugin made me still a loyal customer to delicious from switching to google groups. I would stay with delicious, the new interface is bit delicious.
I loved it ,.. money control still i feel need to cutdown in their images and flashiness.. they need a tution from google on this ...Google finance if launched i am for it always..

Vivek Chauhan said...

I think you meant Google Bookmarks :)
Ya I agree with u about MC.. but I hope they improve soon. Now there is UI upgrade at facebook tooo (but not much of a difference)

Waiting to read about ur experiences about your village trip