Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cricket World Cup Tragedy

Usually this title will mean the ouster of a favorite team from the World Cup, but in this world cup the death of Bob Woolmer is a big loss to cricketing fraternity. Whatever might be the cause of his sudden demise, people will associate it with the loss of Pakistan to minnows Ireland.

As the popularity of cricket is sky high in the India and Pakistan (where no other sport comes even a close second) the expectations are also similar. The same fans who cheer like mad, burst crackers and dance on the streets when their team wins a match do a volte-face and burn effigies of the same players, lapidate their houses in case of losing a match. I will not give any opinion on this but one thing is certain, the fans are very emotional about their game and react in extremes.

Even the Indian team is like their fans, after losing to Bangladesh they scored the highest runs in World Cup history again Bermuda and won the match (also take into account that Bermuda is playing their first world cup and are very low on experience and skill).

May the best team win the world cup [will it be Australia again ;-)]

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